Mini-colloquium submission

More information regarding submissions of mini-colloquia will be available here soon.

Mini-colloquia at CMD29 gather specific scientific communities. They resemble Focus Sessions at similar meetings, and host invited lectures, oral contributions and posters. Mini-colloquia will have the same format and modus operandi as at the previous EPS-CMD conferences.

On this page, you can submit a proposal for a Mini-colloquium proposal in your domain of scientific interest.

  1.  A Mini-colloquium will typically start with an introductory or overview talk on the subject at hand, followed by invited talks on major advances in the last two years, and shorter contributed talks. A Mini-colloquium may comprise one or several oral sessions of 2 1/2 hours duration, as well as posters. These will be presented in dedicated sessions, not in parallel with any talks. In view of the hybrid form of the conference, facilities for online presentation of (pre-recorded) talks and posters will be provided.
  2. Your proposal must emanate from a minimum of two, and a maximum of five organizers. Organizers must be from different laboratories. The organizing team must comprise at least one organizer active in the UK or Ireland, and at least, one organizer active in another European country.
  3. Do not hesitate to propose an emerging and / or interdisciplinary topic, or a topic related to the development / proposal of research infrastructure in Europe.
  4. All proposers should adhere to the Minicolloquium charter.
Key dates

Mini-colloquium submission deadline:

7 November 2021

Early registration deadline:

5 June 2022

Registration deadline:

21 July 2022


The programme is complemented by a large physics and physics instrumentation exhibition proposed by the conference’s partners. If you wish to exhibit at this conference, you can find more information here.

Jointly organised by the EPS and IOP